What is this?

This is a campaign to get every legislator in the state of Oregon to see Michael Moore’s new film Sicko.

Why? Because clearly, our legislators aren’t paying attention to us.

Politicians of all stripes promise to deliver on healthcare reform. It’s been a top priority for unions, small businesses, and hundreds of thousands of people in the state.

And we ended up with nothing. Our legislators simply must not understand Oregon’s healthcare crisis. Over half a million people uninsured. Prices rising faster than inflation. And no end in sight.

Michael Moore’s film Sicko gives us in a great opportunity to remind our legislators that there is something wrong. We’ve got a broken healthcare system, and it needs fixing.

Every legislator in the state has a duty to prove to the citizen’s of Oregon that they understand the problem. That’s why we’re encouraging them to see Sicko.

This site was assembled bythe Oregon Working Families Party. The Oregon WFP is a new political Party. We’re a coalition of community organizations, labor unions and neighborhood activists who united to fight for a fair economy. Working Families was formed to inject issues like healthcare, affordable housing, and livable wages into the public debate, and to hold politicians accountable on those issues.

Passing real healthcare reform that would guarantee high-quality, affordable healthcare for all residents of Oregon is one of Working Families’ top priorities.

The idea and design for this site originally came from our brothers at Connecticut Working Families. Read more about them here.

Read more about the Oregon Working Families Party here.

The tally:


Oregon Legislators have seen Sicko so far.


Haven’t seen it yet. .