WFP Summer Organizing Experience

A summer fellowship to become a campaign Jedi with the Oregon Working Families Party!

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What is the Working Families Party?

The Working Families Party is an independent grassroots political party that focuses on bread and butter economic issues that affect working class people.  Oregon WFP is building a strategic, grassroots alternative to the two party system that all too often ignores the interests of working people.

Oregon WFP is on the leading edge of major economic justice campaigns:

  • Debt-Free higher education
  • Paid Sick days for all working Oregonians
  • Fighting back against Wal-Mart destroying our communities.
  • Getting Oregon’s Money out of Wall Street

The Campaign Organizing Experience will give you skills in:

  • Building a campaign- Goals, Strategies, Tactics
  • Backwards planning and planning fundraisers
  • One-on-One organizing, grassroots community outreach
  • Facilitating a meeting
  • Leadership development
  • Legislative strategy/Legal Research
  • Direct Action

Fellowship Positions Available

We will have four full-time, paid fellowships available, and up to ten more openings for part-time, unpaid fellowships.


Working Families Campaign Organizing Experience applicants should have a dedication to social and economic justice and be interested in building political power for the working class.

Fellows must…

  • be self-motivated/hard working
  • be able to work in a team setting
  • be outgoing and willing to engage the community face-to-face
  • have strong communication skills

All fellows will commit to attending regular organizing classes and workshops and working together as a team to plan a fundraising event. Additionally, full-time fellows will partner with WFP field team for 4 shifts a week of voter registration community outreach.


The WFP Campaign Organizing Experience is designed to help students gain skills and experience in organizing campaigns and grassroots tactics.

Paid fellows will receive a weekly stipend of $200. College credit is available for students.

To Learn More

Contact Sami Alloy at

To Apply

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