WFP rallies at Bank Transfer Day press conference at Portland City Hall

November 5th, 2012 by salloy

Steve Hughes speaks at a Bank Transfer Day press conference

Local banking activists rallied at Portland City Hall this morning for a press conference in honor of National Bank Transfer Day.  The press conference, hosted by Occupy the Banks, Oregon Banks Local, and Main Street Alliance, honored the Portland City Council for passing the Responsible Banking Resolution, and called for continued efforts to hold Wall Street banks accountable and to strengthen the local banking sector.

Speakers included Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Amanda Fritz, as well as local banking activist Cameron Whitten, who is running for State Treasurer, Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith, and several community activists and small business owners.  WFP state director Steve Hughes spoke on behalf of the Working Families Party, calling for statewide local banking legislation.

Today marks the first anniversary of National Bank Transfer Day, which spurred an estimated 40,000 people to move their money from Wall Street banks to local banks and credit unions.  The Oregon Working Families Party played an active role in the first Bank Transfer Day, leading a rally and march, where twenty people opened new credit union accounts.  It also marked the launch of the Oregon Banks Local website, an interactive resource for individuals and small businesses who want to move their money.  The WFP has played a key role in the Oregon Banks Local coalition, calling for local banking resolutions across the state.  To get involved, visit .

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