WFP, MoveOn, Elizabeth Warren talk student debt

June 6th, 2013 by shughes

Elizabeth Warren says: Listen to this call on the student debt crisis!

This week 11,000 activists from around the country called in to a national conference call with Senator Elizabeth Warren to address the student debt crisis.

Oregon–and the Oregon WFP–featured prominently in the call.  Alexandra Flores-Quilty, a student leader and activist from the University of Oregon, and Tom Leedham, an Oregon WFP board member and the leader of Teamsters Local 206, were also featured speakers on the call.

You can hear a recording of the call here.

The Oregon WFP is leading a campaign to create a state-based system for debt free higher education in Oregon.  It is an innovative approach that would fundamentally change the game debt-for-education treadmill system that is hurting students, hurting families, and hurting our economy.

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