They Said No, It Could Never Happen…

May 16th, 2012 by dlombardi

Click The Picture Above to Watch Jeff's Victory Speech

YOU DID IT!  WFP endorsed candidate, Jeff Reardon defeated incumbent Mike Schaufler in HD48 with 66% of the vote!

Taking on an incumbent politician is hard.  Taking on an incumbent politician who has raised $240,000—the vast majority of which comes from big business—is even harder.

Those odds did not stop the WFP from taking on the challenge of endorsing progressive Democrat Jeff Reardon, and helping him to victory.

Here’s what the WFP did to make this victory possible.

In five weeks the WFP knocked on over 14,000 doors and made over 9,000 phone calls – making over 5,000 voter contacts for Jeff Reardon.  In an election where just over 3,600 4,000 people voted, this made all the difference.

The WFP staff worked day and night.  Gaby, our field manager got our canvass on the doors everyday.  Sami, our organizer got volunteers on the phones.  And, Dan, our communications coordinator got our story in the press.  We could not have won this election without their determined hard work and professionalism.

But, we weren’t the only ones working hard to elect Jeff Reardon.  Partner organizations, including the Oregon League of Conservation Voters,, MotherPAC, CAUSA, the Oregon School Employees Association, AFSCME, the Carpenters union, the Communications Workers or America, and Progressive Kick mobilized a mini-army of volunteers that sometimes had the office so packed with people making phone calls you couldn’t move.

Finally, we’d like to give a particular shout out to the unions on the WFP state committee who took a risk by being early supporters of Jeff Reardon’s campaign.  The United Food and Commercial Workers, the Operating Engineers, and the District Council of Laborers stood up and said it is not enough for a candidate to proclaim he is a “labor candidate”—you have to show it with your actions and your votes.

And, of course, thanks to all of you.  Whether you sent a contribution, volunteered, or said a little prayer for us, we appreciate it all.  This was truly a team effort and we’re proud to have worked with all of you to deliver a victory for Jeff Reardon.

Let Jeff know you’re proud of his victory and the WFP’s hard work.

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