The price of speaking truth to power

November 2nd, 2012 by shughes

A WFP organizer hitting the streets.

(Go here to check out all the WFP cross-nominees for 2012.)

It’s pretty simple really: when you challenge powerful interests they eventually bite back.

That is exactly what is happening right now in Clackamas County, where the Oregon Working Families Party is going all out to help elect Shemia Fagan, a Democratic and Working Families candidate for state legislature.

Over the last eight weeks, our organizers have knocked on over 10,000 doors, having one-on-one conversations with voters in House District 51.  Voters are happy to hear why the WFP has decided to support Shemia, someone we feel will be a champion for good jobs, good schools, and good government.

But as I said, success invites pushback from powerful people – and yesterday that came in the form of one of the wackiest pieces of campaign literature I have ever seen. Fagan’s opponent, incumbent Patrick Sheehan, is ominously warning voters about scary individuals from the Working Families Party stalking the neighborhoods of Clackamas County, East Portland, and Gresham with a dose of over-the-top red-baiting that hasn’t been seen since Leave it to Beaver went off the air.

We’re not afraid to take on Democrats or Republicans, if they put the demands of corporate interests ahead of the needs of hard working families. Our members evaluate the candidates and only support the ones that will fight – really fight – for Oregon’s working families.  This spring, WFP took on incumbent Mike Schauffler, a corporate Democrat who voted to block health care reform and even took money from the Koch brothers.

Now, we’re working hard to push Shemia Fagan over the finish line in her challenge to Mr. Sheehan.

Whether we’re taking on the big bank lobby in Salem, fighting the Koch brothers to save family wage jobs in our state’s paper mills, or pushing to make college more affordable, the WFP believes in the basic idea that working people need a voice in Salem.

In a way, it’s a badge of honor that they see us as a threat.

If you haven’t had a chance, I encourage you to take a look at ALL of the candidates the WFP is supporting in the 2012 election. We’re backing candidates who will stand up and fight for working people, no matter their party.

Look for the candidates with the Working Families Party nomination your ballot – that’s our seal of approval. When you vote for the WFP-nominated candidates like Shemia Fagan, you know you’re voting your values.

And lastly: it only works if you VOTE. Election Day is just a few days away so make sure to get those ballots in!

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