The Oregonian Profiles Oregon WFP’s Role in HD48 Primary

May 22nd, 2012 by dlombardi

In the wake of last week’s Democratic primary in Oregon House District 48, the Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes detailed the role the Oregon WFP played in defeating incumbent Mike Schaufler and helping Jeff Reardon win the Democratic nomination with 66% of the vote:

“Oregon’s Working Families Party first qualified for the ballot as a minor party six years ago, but it’s hard to say that the union-backed organization has had a big impact here.

However, the party certainly found a role for itself in Tuesday’s primary when it helped Democrat Jeff Reardon oust Rep. Mike Schaufler of Portland.

The party, which essentially ran Reardon’s canvassing operation, used a well-trained cadre of paid canvassers to blanket House District 48, which includes parts of Southeast Portland and Clackamas County.

Steve Hughes, the party’s executive director, said canvassers hit 14,000 doorsteps and actually talked to more than 5,000 voters in the district.  The party also ran phone banks that made more than 9,000 calls, he said”

Read the whole story over at the Oregonian, HERE.

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