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Isn’t it time for a political party in Oregon that will stand up for our working class values?

The Oregon WFP is that party.

We’re fighting for working families — not Wall Street banks or multinational corporations.

We’re fighting to build a more sustainable and resilient economy.  Oregon’s money should be working for Oregon – not Wall Street. We’re fighting for jobs. Everyone deserves a decent job with fair pay. We also think it’s time for the very rich to pay their fair share in taxes.

It’s time for a party with backbone to speak up for Oregon working families.

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How to Register with OWFP

Oregon now offers online voter registration — it’s quick and easy!

1. Grab your driver’s licence and fill out the form above. You’ll be re-directed to the Secretary of State’s online registration page.

2. Answer two preliminary questions, then enter your Oregon driver’s license number and name exactly as printed on your license. If you’ve moved since you last renewed your license, you should use the zip code on your license. (You can update your information on the next page.)

3. You should see your information and a pulldown menu labelled “Political Party.” Make sure to choose “Working Families Party” from the menu. Doublecheck that the information on the page is accurate, and hit submit. Then you’ll be asked to verify it again. Submit and you’re registered with the WFP!

Having trouble? Click here for troubleshooting.

Why Register Oregon WFP?


The Oregon Working Families Party is an independent political party that works to hold our politicians accountable on the issues that really matter, like jobs, schools, and health care.

Don’t worry — you can still vote for any candidates you want on election day. But by registering with the Working Families party, you’re sending politicians in every party a clear message: they need to put working families first.

When you register with the Oregon WFP, you help build a new voice for a fairer state that works for all of us.

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