Oregon WFP Makes Primary Endorsement

March 22nd, 2012 by dlombardi

Yesterday, the Oregon WFP’s State Committee made a bold move, endorsing candidate Jeff Reardon (D) in his primary challenge against incumbent State Representative Mike Schaufler (D-Happy Valley) in House District 48. [1]

Working people in this state are in crisis, and like you, we’re sick and tired of the inaction coming out of Salem where legislators hide behind the 30-30 split in the House of Representatives as an excuse to play it safe in order to “get work done”.  The truth is, our legislature is stuck, and sometimes just one legislator can hold up forward progress on important issues to advance their own bad policy.

But, why did our board decide to go after Schaufler?  Well, he’s forgotten who he represents during his 10-year tenure in Salem and he’s been standing out for all the wrong reasons:

  • He was the lone Democratic vote against the legislation that would eventually become measures 66 & 67 – raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy in order to pay for vital public services. [2]
  • He was the only Democrat to side with the Republican caucus blocking and almost killing health care exchange legislation – a program aimed at lowering health care costs for individuals and small businesses. [3]
  • Last year he was stripped of his leadership positions in the legislature because of outside-of-the-building personal behavior. [4]

Jeff Reardon is a candidate that will remember who pays his salary in Salem.  The WFP leadership was impressed with Jeff’s willingness to listen and his working class values.  He is a former David Douglas school board member and is currently an Industrial Arts teacher at David Douglas High School.  He comes from a family of millworkers in Kelso, WA, and was the first in his family to complete college.  He will be a true champion for working families that will fight for family wage jobs, affordable health, the financial stability of the state, and in general, improving the lives of Oregon’s 99%.

If we want to see a true progressive shift in Oregon, it has to start at the local level.  Our leadership feels it starts with this primary in House District 48. But, it’s about more than one house primary race – it’s about creating a wave that will push the state legislature towards true progressive change – much like the Tea Party was able to accomplish in Congress and in State Houses across the county – pushing legislators further and further to the right.  2012 is the year that we fight back in the name of working families.

We need your help to make this happen.

This race will be hard fought, but we promise to use your money where it counts to get Jeff Reardon elected – at the doors; on the phones, talking to real people and spreading the WFP’s message of smart government and working-class, middle-class values. Every dollar we bring in will help us talk to another voter.

Let’s kick off the 2012 election with a win for Oregon’s working families by helping Jeff win on May 15th.

Donate today to help the Oregon WFP put boots on the ground for Jeff Reardon.

To find out more about Jeff Reardon and his campaign for State Representative, visit: http://reardonfororegon.com/

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2) Working Families Party endorses Jeff Reardon’s challenge to Rep. Mike Schaufler

3) A Democrat defects in the Oregon House, stalls insurance bill

4) Rep. Mike Schaufler stripped of committee duties

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