Oregon Legislature Unanimously Passes HB 3472 Pay It Forward

July 1st, 2013 by salloy

We’re excited to announce that our plan for debt free higher education in Oregon, Pay it Forward (HB 3472), unanimously passed the Oregon Senate today (after a unanimous vote from the House last Thursday)!

On the same day that student loan interests rates will double due to inaction by the US Congress, the Oregon legislature has taken a big step in making higher education affordable for all Oregon students.

HB 3472 directs the Higher Education Coordinating Commission to create a Pay It Forward pilot program to put before the 2015 legislature. Pay It Forward would allow college students to attend college tuition-free and debt-free, and upon graduation begin paying a small, fixed percentage of their income into a public fund for education.

This is a big day for Oregon students, but we couldn’t have done it without your help. WFP supporters sent over 4,000 emails to legislators telling them to vote for Pay It Forward. With your support, Oregon is finally taking action on student debt.

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