NW Labor Press: Working Families Party aims to ramp up in 2010

Check out today’s excellent article on the Oregon WFP in the NW Labor Press.

The party’s first experience at the ballot box suggests that voters may be receptive to [the WFP’s] agenda: J. Ashlee Albies, who ran as a Working Families Party candidate for attorney general in 2008, got over 10 percent of the vote statewide, and over 16 percent in 10 rural Eastern Oregon counties that traditionally vote Republican. And Albies’ campaign consisted of little more than a Voters’ Pamphlet statement and $100 worth of bumper stickers.

“Across the country, Americans are leaving the major parties in droves,” said Teamsters Local 206 President Tom Leedham at a March 30 Oregon Working Families Party meeting in Portland. “This void in leadership can be filled by right-wing crackpots or fake populists, or it can be filled by a political party dedicated to the economic interests of working people. We intend to be that party, not as a spoiler, but as an organization willing to hold politicians accountable. We’re dedicated to supporting candidates, Democrats, Republicans, or independents, who are committed to fighting for affordable health care, decent jobs, and quality education.”

Read more at http://www.nwlaborpress.org/2010/0416/4-16-10WFP.html


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