NW Labor Press Covers the WFP Nominations Process

“To earn the Working Families Party’s nomination, candidates had to answer questions about their level of commitment to the Working “Families Party’s priorities. Candidates for state office were asked to support the establishment of a publicly-owned bank and the creation of a disability insurance program; to impose minimum labor standards whenever state funds are used to stimulate the economy; to publicly support union organizing drives, contract campaigns, and strikes; to fully fund the state’s need-based grant program for college students; and to oppose privatization of Oregon’s public colleges and universities.

Candidates for Congress were asked to support moves toward a single-payer, not-for-profit system of universal health care; to insist on labor standards when federal funds are used to stimulate the economy; to co-sponsor and actively support the TRADE Act, a bill that would turn away from NAFTA-style trade policy; to support legislation to make it easier for workers to unionize and get a first contract; and to vote for the strongest possible financial regulatory reform.”

Read the whole article here.


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