The Working Families Party fights to improve the lives of working people and their families by focusing our government on things that make our jobs better, provide security for our families and prosperity for our communities. That includes:

  • Affordable healthcare for all Oregonians where our health, or lack thereof, is not dependent on individual wealth and subject to private profiteering; we support national single-payer health care consistent with the principles of H.R. 676.
  • Opening doors to opportunity through higher education and technical training that does not result in indebtedness for our citizens.
  • Affordable housing, a stop to predatory lending practices, investment in new affordable housing development, and protection of existing affordable housing.
  • Promotion of green family wage jobs whose legacy leaves a clean, secure, and sustainable environment for our children.
  • Supporting fair trade, defending our jobs against outsourcing, wage and benefit cuts, and corporate raiding.
  • The right to organize and reach a first contract free of intimidation, discrimination, and illegal terminations.

Click here to read the full 2010 platform of the Oregon Working Families Party.

To promote these values, the Oregon Working Families Party is currently working on two critical issue campaigns:

A Public Bank for Oregon. The OWFP is working with a broad coalition of organizations to promote the creation of a State Bank of Oregon, modeled after the 90-year-old Bank of North Dakota, which would use money that belongs to the state to invest in job creation, education, and homeownership here in Oregon, rather than giving that money over to big banks to continue to line their pockets. Click here to read more, and to sign our petition encouraging legislators to support this commonsense proposal.

Disability Insurance for all Oregonians. Many of Oregon’s working families live with the knowledge that on any day they could get injured or sick and find themselves unable to work. The OWFP is working on a proposal to create a statewide disability insurance program, modeled after California’s highly successful “SDI” program, which covers all workers in the state.

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