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Sign on to our petition to show your support for the Oregon State Bank, and to let our elected leaders know that Oregonians of all backgrounds support this commonsense solution for the State’s economy.

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We, the undersigned, call upon our state elected officials to end our state’s dependency on Wall Street. We call on you to support the Oregon State Bank as a commonsense way to get credit flowing to Oregon farmers and small businesses.
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Number Date Name Why do you think Oregon …
3241 Sun May 27 14:29:06 EDT 2012 Jay Cryer
3240 Sun May 20 21:17:52 EDT 2012 ray parke
3239 Fri May 18 23:10:11 EDT 2012 Marshall Fox Keeping people’s money in a state bank helps the local economy.
North Dakota is the only state in the US with a public state bank, and it has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate.
3238 Mon May 07 13:14:48 EDT 2012 Paul Kolba
3237 Tue May 01 17:01:00 EDT 2012 Matthew Tulberg Oregon needs a state bank, in order to ensure that our tax dollars are used where they are most needed, and not taken by the nickle and dime policies of other, private banks.
3236 Mon Apr 30 14:12:09 EDT 2012 Jeff Stookey Keep our money away from Wall $treet and put it to work on Main Street.
3235 Mon Apr 30 14:01:47 EDT 2012 Greg
3234 Mon Apr 30 12:28:11 EDT 2012 Margo O’Connell The big banks have failed us. Oregon will prosper, like N. Dakota.
3233 Mon Apr 30 11:21:42 EDT 2012 inger
3232 Mon Apr 30 09:40:58 EDT 2012 Dominic Le Fave
3231 Mon Apr 30 07:01:18 EDT 2012 Linea King
3230 Mon Apr 30 06:58:54 EDT 2012 william norrick
3229 Mon Apr 30 02:11:20 EDT 2012 Judith Lienhard get our $$ out of corporate banks, out of the reach of Wall Street who gamble with it!
3228 Mon Apr 30 01:08:12 EDT 2012 hyung nam We need our local money, including PERS to be invested in our state and not to be fleeced and gambled with by Wall Street.
3227 Thu Apr 26 18:39:35 EDT 2012 Craig Loftin A State Bank of Oregon would help keep money Oregon, contribute to the state’s development, public welfare, public education and the rebuilding of its infrastructure. Care should be given in it’s charter More….
3226 Sat Apr 21 21:43:46 EDT 2012 Anonymous because the top 99
need to pay their fare share
the state gov. franchise board needs to be
re-established,re-invented or demolished.
Middle income AMERICA must once again become an More….
3225 Sat Apr 21 16:10:13 EDT 2012 Daniel Ritter As an economics graduate student at OSU, this proposal seems the most reasonable way to capture the benefits of large banking institutions, without the dangers of rampant speculation. By following North More….
3224 Mon Apr 16 20:13:30 EDT 2012 Anonymous It would increase availability of financing for local Oregon businesses.
3223 Fri Apr 06 22:00:51 EDT 2012 Anonymous I have been listening to the story of North Dakotas state bank and how well it works. One of the greater things about Oregon is it’s support of Oregon. Keeping Oregon money in Oregon for Oregonians seems More….
3222 Thu Mar 22 19:02:06 EDT 2012 Luke Brown
3221 Sat Mar 17 20:56:40 EDT 2012 Skye FIrestone It just makes sense that if we can do our own financial work in house, why give money to outside corporations? Let’s keep our money at home.
3220 Mon Mar 05 10:08:33 EST 2012 Shelley Curtiss We need to difuse the power the Wall Street Banks have over our national economy. If all 50 states created and managed their own state monies, the people would have control and pull the plug on the casino-like More….
3219 Sun Mar 04 02:02:16 EST 2012 Ed Pool We need to stop supporting criminal organizations.
3218 Thu Mar 01 19:20:49 EST 2012 Robert Bickers We should do what is right and best for Oregon instead of what is best for the national banks and their CEOs.
3217 Mon Feb 27 13:25:09 EST 2012 Tomasz Kaltur Keep the interest profits in the state and out of wall street banksters pockets! This is a great strategy to bring power back to the state, which has more of an interest in the people.
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