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July 7th, 2011 by shughes

Help us tell Congressman Schrader to vote “NO” on the job-killing Korea Free Trade Agreement. Donate now to help us get this ad on the air.

I want to buy one ad for $24.

Congressman Kurt Schrader is saying he supports the Korea Free Trade Agreement, which would be the largest free trade deal since NAFTA. This trade agreement would mean more closed factories and more Oregonians out of work. Despite the federal government’s own estimates that this deal will make our trade deficit worse, Kurt Schrader appears ready to side with Wall Street by supporting this new free trade agreement with South Korea.

Here’s the goal…

We hope to run this ad in the heart of Kurt Schrader’s congressional district. If we can raise $1560 we will be able to play this ad next week (starting on 7/11/11) on the radio once an hour between the hours of 6 AM and 7 PM in Newport and the surrounding areas. If we reach our fund raising goal we will be able to run this ad simultaneously on two stations in the district.

Each run of the ad will cost $24/spot. Can you contribute $24 dollars to run the ad? How about $48 or $120? If we work together we can send a clear message to Congressman Kurt Schrader: “No more NAFTA’s! No more job-killing free trade agreements!”

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