Putting working families values first.

Working Families minor political party. But we’ve got a major  strategy.

In every election, WFP members will ask the candidates tough questions on issues that matter most — like jobs, healthcare and schools — and only support those who are committed to putting ordinary families first.

When you cast your vote this year, you’ll be able to see which candidates earned our support — no matter which party they’re from. They’ll have “Working Families” listed under their names — that’s our seal of approval, right on the ballot.

When you vote for a candidate with the “Working Families” nomination on your ballot, you’ll always know you’re voting your values.

We don’t have to run our own candidate in every election to make a difference. We just hope to show voters who is the best candidates for working and middle class families with our nomination right on the ballot. That way, we’ll make sure politicians can’t ignore what our families need.

This system (sometimes called ‘fusion voting’) is new to Oregon. But we think it can be a powerful tool to make sure politicians pay as much attention to us as they do to Wall Street banks and DC lobbyists. Read more about fusion voting here.


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