Earned Sick Days campaign heating up

January 28th, 2013 by shughes

The Portland City Council chambers holds approximately 200 people. This Thursday we need to fill it up in support of Earned Sick Days.

At 2 PM on Thursday the Portland City Council will be holding an official public hearing on the proposed sick days ordinance. 80% of low wage service workers — many of them women and people of color — right now don’t have the ability to take even one day off when they or a family member are ill. When passed, this ordinance would dramatically raise standards for all working Portlanders. ┬áPlus, a victory will allow us to go to Salem and fight to pass sick days legislation for all of Oregon.

We have been fighting to pass this policy for over a year now. The big business community — aided by allies on the Oregonian editorial board — has fought every step of the way. You can bet they will be there at City Hall this Thursday. Will you be there at 2 PM to support this common sense policy that will provide basic sick days coverage to all working Portlanders?

YES, I will be at City Hall this Thursday at 2 PM for the public hearing on Earned Sick Days (Facebook RSVP)

NO, I can’t make it, but I want to support the campaign

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