2011 to Be a Big Year for the State Bank

Barbara Dudley, Co-Chair of the Oregon Working Families Party, is interviewed in The Portland Tribune about the idea of a publicly owned bank. (Feb. 10, 2010)

In 2009, when the depth of the nation’s economic crisis was only first being understood, the Working Families Party began quietly organizing around an issue which we will likely be hearing a lot more about in 2011: creating the Oregon State Bank.

Right now the State or Oregon deposits billions of our tax dollars in the very same Wall Street banks that crashed our economy. But a Working Families Party proposal now being drafted into legislation aims to change that. By creating a publicly-owned Bank, modeled after the highly successful–and profitable–Bank of North Dakota, Oregon can take back control of our economy and our resources and put them to use here in Oregon.

The State Bank would partner with local community banks to make much-needed credit available to small businesses and farmers. You can read much more about the Oregon State Bank by going here.


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