2010 State Legislative Nominations

The results are in!

The following is the list of candidates for State Representative and State Senator who have received the Working Families Party’s nomination for the 2010 general election. Working Families Party members reviewed their questionnaires and conducted interviews, and determined that these candidates are committed to fighting for Oregon’s working families. They’ll have our “seal of approval” next to their names on the ballot this fall.

We look forward to supporting them in this fall’s elections, and to working with them to pass important legislation in the 2011 session, including our proposal for an Oregon State Bank and universal disability insurance.

Click here to learn more about how we use fusion voting to advance a Working Families agenda. Stay tuned for more information about how you can help support these candidates this fall, and for our nominations for U.S. Congress and statewide offices. And click here to learn how you can take action right now.

House District 5 Peter Buckley
House District 8 Paul Holvey
House District 9 Arnie Roblan
House District 11 Phil Barnhart
House District 13 Nancy Nathanson
House District 14 Val Hoyle
House District 15 Bud Laurent
House District 21 Brian Clem
House District 25 Jim Dyer
House District 26 Sandy Webb
House District 27 Tobias Read
House District 28 Jeff Barker
House District 29 Katie Riley
House District 31 Brad Witt
House District 33 Mitch Greenlick
House District 35 Margaret Doherty
House District 40 Dave Hunt
House District 42 Jules Kopel Bailey
House District 43 Lew Frederick
House District 44 Tina Kotek
House District 45 Michael Dembrow
House District 46 Ben Cannon
House District 47 Jefferson Smith
House District 52 Suzanne VanOrman
House District 58 Bob Jenson
House District 59 Will Boettner
Senate District 3 Alan Bates
Senate District 4 Floyd Prozanski
Senate District 6 Lee Beyer
Senate District 13 Timi Parker
Senate District 15 Chuck Riley
Senate District 17 Suzanne Bonamici
Senate District 22 Chip Shields
Senate District 24 Rod Monroe
Senate District 26 Brent Barton

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